Life-Changing Conversations: Asking & Listening

Vital Behavior: To pray regularly that God would open the door for at least one spiritual conversation each week. 


Luke 2:49                    Matthew 3:13-15                    John 1:38-39

Asking questions is a powerful way to _______________________________.

“I couldn’t help but notice…”

“It made me wonder…”

Asking questions is a good way to _____________________________________.

With people we’ve known for a while:

“Something I’ve wanted to know about you is…”


James 1:19-20

Use _____________________________________________________.

“What I hear you saying is….”

Ask _____________________________________________________.

Life-Changing Conversations: Praying

Message Notes:

Prayer is ______________________________. 

Gen 4:26b

1 Timothy 2:1–4





We’re supposed to pray ______________________________________________.

Vital Behavior: To regularly pray for an opportunity to engage in one spiritual conversation each week. 

Pray ______________________  the moment.

Pray _______________________ the moment: 

That you would _______________________________ it.

That you would _______________________________ it.

Pray _______________________ the moment.

Offer a _________________________________________________.

Pray _______________________ the moment

Pray for _____________________________________________________________. 

Pray for _____________________________________________________________. 


Life-Changing Conversations: Noticing


Message Notes:

Mark 12:41-44         Jesus and the Widow’s Offering

Luke 7:11-15            Jesus and the Grieving Woman

Luke 19:1-10            Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus’ mission was to ____________________________________________________________.

We are called to ____________________________________________________________.

 “Perhaps the most obvious observation is that most  unchurched people are not being pursued by anyone.”   ~George Barna

Look for ________________________________________.

Look for ________________________________________.

Look for ________________________________________.