Things God Loves: Courage

cour·​age | \ ˈkər-ij , ˈkə-rij \
Definition of courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

[Churchill quote]

Mark 5: 24b – 34 ESV

[Radmacher quote]

Courage is reaching out

Courage is trusting God will meet you where you’re at

[Mandela quote]

Courage is doing what’s right, no matter what

Courage is knowing whose you are

Brian & Katie Torwalt Lyrics
I found You in the middle of my mess
You had been there all along
Open arms and open heart, You called me in
You didn’t hesitate at all

And the lies I once believed, they crumble
With the weight of Your truth
And the fear that gripped my heart, is arrested
So that I can see You

And fear can go to hell
Shame can go there too
I know whose I am
God, I belong to You