1 Thessalonians (The One About God’s Word Taking Effect)

NOTE: This recording begins a few minutes in to the message and misses a few details about the city of Thessalonica.

Acts 17:1-15
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
charis (khar-ece): grace, kindness
eiréné (i-ray’-nay): oneness, peace, quietness, rest.

The word of God had clearly taken effect in them.
Vs. 6 Their faith was tried and true.
Vs. 7 Their faith was visible and evident.
vs. 8 Their faith was loud and resounding.
Vs. 9 Their faith was active and alive
Vs. 10 Their faith was hopeful and expectant

Question: Has the word of God (written, living and spoken) truly taken hold of us?

Question: Is our faith…
Tried and True
Visible and Evident
Loud and Resounding
Active and Alive
Hopeful and Expectant

Question: If the spiritual life of everyone in our church looked like yours, what kind of church would we be?