Is my faith really enough? (Romans 5:1-11 )

Romans 5:1-5
How do I know my faith is really enough?
God’s work in your life and the presence of the Holy Spirit prove it to you.
Romans 5:6-11
Romans 5:6
asthenés (as-then-ace’) literally means “without strength.”
Romans 5:7
Romans 5:8
Paul describes us as three things: weak, ungodly, and sinners.
God’s act of grace came before any act of faith on our part.
If God is that gracious to us, how could we possibly doubt that our faith is enough?
Romans 5:9
Since we’ve been justified (declared righteous) by faith we surely will be saved through faith.
Romans 5:10
If God would give his Son to die for us when we didn’t have faith, why would he turn his back on us now that we believe?
Romans 5:11