Over/Under: Vision of God


We are often overwhelmed by ________________________________________ because we have an underwhelming __________________________________.

Isaiah 6:1-4

“Holy” means __________________________________________________________.

1 Samuel 2:2

When the angels around the throne call or cry to one another, “Holy, holy, holy,” they are expressing with force and passion the truth of the supreme [and complete] holiness of God, that essential characteristic which expresses His awesome and majestic nature.

The bible says God is holy, holy, holy. Scripture does not say God is ‘love, love, love’ or that He is ‘wrath, wrath, wrath’ but that He is ‘holy, holy, holy.’
~RC Sproul

“Glory” refers to ______________________________________________________.

A proper vision of God’s greatness puts __________________________________________________________________________.

James 4:14 NLT “Your life is like the morning fog – it’s here for a little while, then it’s gone.”