Genuine Faith Bears Good Fruit

Genuine Faith Bears Good Fruit

James 2:14-26

Faith vs Works:

If salvation is ____________________________________________, then works _____________________________.

If salvation is ____________________________________________, then  faith ______________________________.

We are saved through faith, but works are the ___________________________.

Justified by works?

Justified means to be _________________ in right standing.

It is JUST as IF  I’D never sinned.

It also means to be ________________ or _______________  in right standing.

James’ main idea:

You say you have faith?  ______________! Don’t tell me; ____________!

Ephesians 2:8-10

Faith without works is _________, _____________ and ________________.

What are you doing to put your faith into action?

Faith isn’t needed when we _______________________________________.

Connection Group Questions

Read James 2:14-20

What do you think James means by faith?  What do you think James means by works?  People can place faith in many things.  How is faith in Christ different than faith in other things, like elevators, spouses, or savings accounts?

James gives an example in 2:15-16 of lifeless, empty faith.  What kind of action would have accompanied genuine faith in this situation?

Have you ever offered pious words of encouragement or sympathy without doing anything practical to help a brother or sister in need?  What usually are the motives behind such statements?     

Why is faith apart from works useless, as James states in 2:20?     

Read about Abraham in Genesis 22:1-18. What do you learn about Abraham in this passage?  How did Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac prove the authenticity of his faith?

Read about Rahab in Joshua 2:1-21.  What stands out to you about this woman?  How was her faith proven to be true?

What areas of your life would you point to as evidence or proof that you have a genuine faith?  (Hint: Look at Galatians 5: 22-23 for areas to consider as a starting point.)

Faith without works is dead, lifeless and useless.  So… How are you putting your faith into action? 

Describe the thinking of someone who believes faith in God means we don’t need to worry about obeying the word any more. Is there an areas of your life where this applies to you?

Try to summarize the message  of James 2:14-26 in one sentence:   

What one step can you take this week to better live in light of this truth?