Identity Fraud

The word IDENTITY comes from the Latin word for “SAMENESS.” 

John 1:12-13

Ephesians 1:3-6

John 17:23

1 John 3:1

My true identity: 

I am a ______________________ and I ________________________.


You don’t have to____________________…_____________________.

Romans 8:15

You don’t have to____________________…_____________________. 

Romans 10:11-12

You don’t have to____________________…_____________________.

Matthew 28: 20



Make a list of 10 words that you feel describe you (your identity).  Which ones do you think are least obvious to others?


All people are God’s creation but we only become his children when we choose to follow Jesus.  Assuming you have taken that step of faith, what does it mean to you personally to know you have been accepted by God and that you belong to him?

John 17:23  Do you ever think about how God loves you in the same way he loves Jesus?  How does that make you feel?


Read Romans 8:15  What things in life are you most afraid of?  Why?  How does knowing you are a child of God give you strength to face those fears?

Read Romans 10:11-13  What aspects of your life are you most ashamed of?  Why?  How does knowing you are a child of God help you deal with you shame or embarrassment?

Read Romans 8:31, 35, 37-39 How does knowing that God is always with you help you to face your life’s circumstances?  Can you think of specific instances where this has been obvious to you?