Inside Out: Struggling with Sadness

SADNESS: our emotional response to pain, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disadvantage or disappointment.

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Genesis 6:5-6                                Isaiah 53:3                               John 11:32-35

We need to realize that  ___________________________________________.

Psalm 30 (p.461)

Four practical things:

Pay attention to sadness.

Don’t obsess over sadness.

Sadness can be self-inflicted.

Depression is not the same as sadness.

Psalm 30:1  God ____________________.

Psalm 30:2  God ____________________ and   ____________________.

Psalm 30:3  God ____________________ and   ____________________.

No human heart, however wounded, continues always to bleed.”  ~McLaren Commentary

Psalm 30:5 

Sadness lasts _______________________________________,  but joy __________________________________________!

 Psalm 30:8,10 tells us what we need to do:

_____________ for mercy; _______________ for help.

 Psalm 30:11

God can turn our sadness into _________________________.

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