1 Samuel 15 Saul and the Final Straw

1 Samuel 15:1-3
Deuteronomy 25:17-19 NIV
1 Samuel 15:4-23

God is looking for obedient hearts, otherwise the sacrifice we make doesn’t mean anything.
1 Samuel 15:23
Saul has now been personally disqualified as king.
1 Samuel 15:24-31
Samuel chose to honor Saul’s position as king – not his ungodly conduct.
1 Samuel 15:32-16:13

Question 1: If Saul knew that he was not “the one” then why did he take the job?
Answer 1: For Saul, it was never about what God wanted; it was about what he wanted.

Question 2: If God knew what was going to happen with Saul, why did he make Saul king in the first place?
Answer 2: Saul was the kind of king the people wanted, and God was giving them what they wanted.

1 Samuel 15:10-11
1 Samuel 15:29
nacham (naw-kham’) means to be sorry, console oneself.

Question 3: If Saul is disqualified as king, why does he continue to rule so long?
Answer 3: God is preparing His king, and He is preparing His people.

1 Samuel 14 Saul’s Downward Spiral Continues

1 Samuel 14: 1-10

If I’da listened to the odds, woulda never made it through. Every time they told me stop it was the last thing I would do. Instead I left it up to God, and I watched the mountain move. If I’da listened to the odds, woulda never met you. ~Mat Kearney, Odds

The odds don’t matter at all when God matters most.

1 Samuel 114:11-13
Video Clip: Come Up Here
1 Samuel 14:13-30
MAP: Aijalon
1 Samuel 14:31-52

Saul was operating in fear and walking in the ways of the world. Jonathan was operating by faith and walking in the way of the Lord.

Where in life are you operating in few like Saul instead of faith like Jonathan?

1 Samuel 13:1-14:31 Saul’s Immediate Descent Begins

1 Samuel 13:1-2
1 Samuel 13:3
1 Samuel 13:4

If you want GOOD advice, be sure you seeking out GODLY advice.
1 Samuel 13:5-13

Instead of taking God’s word to heart, Saul takes matters into his own hands.

Question: How could Saul have forfeited an everlasting kingdom that he never could have had?

Answer: God could have chosen to bless Saul and his descendants forever from the beginning.

1 Samuel 13:14-15
1 Samuel 13:16-14:3

Character has to run deep or it will never hold.

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