Family Pictures: Many Different Personalities, One Big Challenge

Ephesians 5:22-6:4   

Four basic instructions from this text:

Husbands: love your wife.

Wives: respect your husband.

Kids: obey your parents.

Parents: don’t exasperate your kids.

Three key ideals:

_________________      _________________       _________________

Ephesians 5:21

Godly Ideal: ______________________________________________.

Submission: the act of yielding to the will or authority of another.

Mutual: something held in common

Practical Question: _____________________________________________________

This question forces us to _______________ instead of __________________.

Philippians 2:3-4

Our biggest barrier is _________________________________.

If you are a _________________ you don’t really have a ________________!

Mark 10:45

When you want to ask it __________, that is when you need to ask it ___________.

*some material taken from Any Stanley’s Future Family series.

This Week’s Family Challenge
Families: Set aside about 15 minutes to go over this week’s challenge, Make sure that everyone in the family understands the key question, and how to use it.

Individuals: Take this challenge to your family of origin or with people at work. It really could apply just about anywhere!

This week’s family challenge is a big one. The goal is for EVERYONE in the family to start putting other people’s needs ahead of their own by asking one simple question. That question is:

What can I do to help?

Each day this week ask this question to someone else in your family. Be prepared to follow through in love, no matter the cost. Since every family varies in size, work your way through the each of the family members, then start over once you’ve done this for everyone.

At the end of the week, have a short conversation around these questions:
1  What were some of the ways that other people helped you out?
2  How did it make you feels to help the others in your family?
3  What was the worst request someone gave you? What was the best?
4  Is this something you would like to continue from here on out?

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